Making small changes to habits can dramatically improve the level of productivity and operational efficiency at work. It allows organizations to get more quality work done in a shorter time and reduces the amount of time spent on unnecessary tasks.

7 Ways to Improve Productivity At Work7 Ways to Improve Productivity At WorkSource: PexelsOn that note, I have listed some simple, yet effective ways to improve productivity at work.

Improve Productivity

Focus on energy, not time

Supposedly, time is all we have. Everyone is taught not to waste time, but in truth not every moment is special and it doesn’t take much to realize that. Sometimes we have the energy to move faster, and sometimes we don’t. Persistence is necessary but wearing yourself out in the process is pointless. Take breaks, and manage your time. You will get more done when you feel energetic rather than pointlessly staring at the screen for the sake of it.

Prioritize goals, not tasks

It is easy to complete a checklist. But many people tend to overlook the most important and the most valuable thing first. The end goal. Micromanaging yourself isn’t necessary, but instead, make sure to put your energy against the highest priority. Make sure that you can see the end goal of the tasks.

Asynchronous work

This is one of my favorite personal recommendations, and I have experienced the benefits first-hand. Modern software solutions are a great addition to asynchronous work. As much as people like real-time chats or video conferencing, not everyone has free time at the same time of the day. Calendar schedules may not align, but energy doesn’t always align. It’s important to have flexibility in the workplace so that people can make their contributions, however, and whenever they want. One powerful way to get more done by letting more people get involved is asynchronous sharing, commenting, editing, or other tasks. Modern cloud-based solutions offer just that.

Improve workplace conditions

A lot of studies have shown that a comfortable working temperature is between 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20-21 Celcius). An environment that’s either too hot or too cold can distract employees from concentrating, as they might spend more time walking around to get their coats or feel drowsy. Make sure that air conditioning and heating systems are working properly and for when a particular season comes around. Facility Management software tools are a great way to keep your office assets and equipment in optimal condition. With FM software, you can easily schedule maintenance and repair and keep track of your asset’s conditions as most of these machines keep running for a longer period of a day.

Learn to say no

Whether it’s from peer pressure or a request from a colleague, we often take on tasks that we don’t need to. We are so set on proving that we are capable of multitasking that we can take on tasks we could’ve easily delegated to others. The problem is we associate the word “No” with failure, incompetence, or missed opportunities. But that’s not the case at all. You need to learn how to say no when it’s appropriate and when your hands are full or you simply lack interest in a task. Freeing up your schedule can help you focus on tasks that matter and improve productivity at work.

Hire future peers

It is only natural that as time progresses, people will acquire different sets of skills and have a way of doing things better than you. The best type of people will work with you and may someday replace or surpass you. Hire people who are or can be peers to work for you, not simply just people to work for you. You need to train your employees on all that you can do and even more. The best way to improve productivity is to nurture growing talents.

Don’t be skeptical about remote work

The trend of remote work has skyrocketed due to this Coronavirus pandemic. Recent studies reveal that remote workers are getting more done and putting in more work hours. Remote workers take less sick leave, perform better, and with the right tools, they are in general more engaged at work. Think of it this way, during a 9-hour shift, much time is wasted gossiping or having lunch. In remote work, these types of scenarios are taken out of the equation. So an employee is actually putting in 9 hours of work. Still skeptical? There are solutions like employee monitoring software that can help you keep track of employees’ working hours.

If you want your employees to work better, try out a few of these tips and solutions mentioned above and enjoy the benefits.

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