SYPWAI Success Secrets

In just a few recent years, the SYPWAI project ( has been able to obtain the status of the most promising startup and confirm it in action. The study of artificial intelligence has been going on for several decades. Many scientists have worked to create this innovative technology. Then the moment came when they succeeded. The neurosphere company was able not only to develop a platform but also to make it truly work. Even today, many large companies want to agree on the right to use the program, which helps to optimize the work of organizations and to help in solving many problems that, without attention, can become simply disastrous for the business.

Sypwai - meeting of engineers

SYPWAI works from the inside Artificial intelligence

In addition to working with organizations and startups, Theneurosphere makes it possible for ordinary users to participate in the project providing them with some income. With constant platform work, you can earn up to $ 400 per month. The essence of the work is the training of artificial intelligence itself. At first glance, the task for a simple user may seem difficult; however, it is not.

There are two areas of training – general and special. In the first case, the actions will be similar to solving problems for children’s development. The second is a little more complicated. You will need to undergo special testing to confirm your qualifications in a particular area, and in case of successful completion, you will be presented with tasks that will require certain knowledge and skills. It should be noted, that testing is carried out strictly and does not tolerate errors, since the main success of the platform is precisely in its smooth and correct operation.

The founders of the project were convinced that recruiting ordinary people to work is a great solution. Thus, they can earn and contribute to science.

What is the purpose of the SYPWAI project?

The founders of the company noted that they are not chasing popularity and do not allow companies-investors to promote their organization with the help of a contribution to SYPWAI. The team of scientists is not interested in universal recognition. Their main goal is to help the world and humanity. In their opinion, artificial intelligence can not only help to operate the business or provide income for users, but also solve problems on a global scale, such as hunger, natural disasters, disease, or crime.

The neurosphere specialists, scientists, investors, and ordinary users work every day to improve the platform. Thousands of users receive tasks to train artificial intelligence to work in the field of this company. After the received data, the machine can analyze it and identify weaknesses in the business, as well as find a solution to these problems.

Many people say that despite the tremendous success today, the Theneurosphere team will be even more successful because they have chosen a win-win tactic that makes the SYPWAI platform better and better every day.