The health and wellness sector has seen massive growth in the last few years. New products have come out, and hence modified laws have changed the whole dynamics of the market. There has been an increased interest in natural products, which is a good sign in itself.

One such product is Delta 10. You may have heard of Delta 8 or the infamous Delta 9, but this new variant comes with a powerful punch. Many users swear by it and believe its benefits are endless, and many different groups of people may benefit from it. Due to a common interest, a question regarding Delta 10’s benefits for PCOD patients has risen. In this article, let us find out if Delta 10 can be good for PCOD.

Is Delta 10 good

What is PCOD?

PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disease. It is a hormonal imbalance-based condition affecting almost one in ten women in their childbearing years (usually 12-45). It is also sometimes referred to as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). In this condition, the patient’s ovaries produce immature (or semi-mature) eggs in a large quantity.

Over time, these turn into cysts in their ovaries. As a result, the ovaries swell up and secrete androgens (male hormones). It eventually leads to irregular menstrual cycles, unnatural weight gain or obesity, hair loss, and even infertility. Usually, it is controllable by a proper diet and appropriate lifestyle changes. Many women find out about their PCOD after visiting their doctor due to failed attempts at pregnancy.

Symptoms of PCOD

The primary symptoms of PCOD include an increase in androgen levels in the body. It leads to various “masculine” features like prominent facial hair, excessive body hair, or even male-pattern baldness. The patient might see an irregularity in periods. They may often get delayed, and the overall cycle gets disrupted due to the maturity of the eggs. It might get challenging to conceive due to the irregularity of periods, which can lead to failed or delayed ovulation. Abnormality in the hormone levels prevents the maturing and releasing of eggs. It heavily affects the menstrual cycle.

Additionally, patients experience excessive hair loss and thinning. It is also a result of the increased male hormones in the body. Other common symptoms include acne and excessive weight gain.

 Expert’s Opinion

  What is Delta 10?

Delta refers to double bonds in chemistry. Hence, it is understandable by its name that there is a double bond in this variant of marijuana. The double bond in Delta 10 THC lies in the 10th carbon chain. It is Delta 9 THC’s isomer and hails directly from it. However, it is available in very small amounts, hence is very expensive. They come from hemp extract. The extraction process is costly and requires expensive tools and intricate detailing. Hence, although the product is costlier than its counterparts, it is of higher quality. As it is a newer product compared to Delta 8 and Delta 9, maintaining top-notch quality is a must as it brings in new customers and retains the old ones. Delta 10 might be psychoactive as it is basically THC but is less potent than Delta 9. Hence, it has milder trance effects that feel better. Delta 10 is the newest addition to the lineup and has already gathered a massive fan following.

Benefits of Delta 10

Considering it’s a newer product, it might be hard for many to believe how popular it already is. Let us see the factors that set Delta 10 apart and the benefits that it brings.

For starters, it is extensively used for its pain-relieving properties and is loved worldwide for it. Be it muscle soreness, inflammation-based pain, or joint pain and arthritis, THC has natural pain-relieving abilities. It is also an excellent stimulant that can boost your energy and provide you with a blast of freshness to get you started with your day. One of its best advantages is its mood uplifting ability that makes it so popular. If Delta 8 is your go-to sedative and relaxant, then Delta 10 is equally beneficial for euphoria and its nootropic qualities. It motivates you and aids you find a way to get your tedious chores done.

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It also has the ability to increase your appetite. Marijuana is generally linked to weight loss, but Delta 10 may increase your appetite as it increases your rate of metabolism. There are also some relaxing effects in these products. You may also read about its neuroprotective properties, although more studies are required to have concrete proof of these claims.

How can Delta 10 help against PCOD?

As you may have already noticed, some of the benefits of Delta 10 align perfectly with a few symptoms of PCOD. For instance, Delta 10 can facilitate quality sleep. In turn, proper sleeping habits translate to better skin and hair health. We all know that a proper diet helps maintain a healthy head of hair. Delta 10’s ability to increase our appetite may lead to more ingestion of required nutrients and more deep sleep, which means better hair health and decreased hair fall.

Moreover, Delta 10 THC also has impressive anti-inflammation qualities. This property helps reduce the risks of acne and bumps on the skin, leading to flawless skin. The faster metabolism rate means you eat better, but your calories get burned faster as well. It helps prevent weight gain, which is one of the common symptoms of PCOD.

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The excellent mood uplifting and stress-relieving properties may also come in handy as PCOD also comes with a lot of stress and negative thoughts. In such a situation, having a supplement that may boost your morale can be an exciting prospect.


To conclude, Delta 10 has a wide range of benefits. It promises a lot of distinctive advantages for a large target audience. Its benefits are vast and have the potential to help a lot of people. If someone with PCOD wants to try it, it is absolutely critical to the first talk with your doctor. Many of the claimed benefits spread by word of mouth and still require more studies for concrete proof. Even if you do consume these products, you must also follow a proper diet to see the best results. Also, ensure to ask your doctor if there would be any reactions to your ongoing medications.

However, the recreational capabilities of Delta 10 are immaculate. As it is a new product in the market, its manufacturers are expanding their reach and trying to compete with popular products like Delta 8 and CBD. This factor promotes healthy competition and may lead to better supplies at lower prices. Delta 10 products are still very much in a legal gray area. Before you buy any of them, you must check the laws in your area and only then proceed with the purchase.

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