Why You Should Switch To An iPad POS? 

A POS system is one of the key requirements most stores have to help them automate their functions and manage the store effectively. There are different types of POS, a popular system being an iPad POS. This is a POS where instead of a computer terminal, an iPad is used with a touch screen interface having software. The software-based POS is easy to use and simple to manage. 

There are significant advantages to stores using an iPad POS. The article discusses the advantages of iPad POS. It also explains how to set up an iPad POS for your store.

Why You Should Switch To An iPad POS
An iPad POS offers many advantages for stores as compared to a traditional one

Benefits Of An iPad POS 

There are many advantages to using an iPad POS system. The following are some of the key benefits: 

  • The biggest benefit is the cost benefits offered by an iPad POS. While a traditional system that uses a terminal may cost up to $7000 for each terminal, an iPad POS would cost under $1000 for the hardware making it cost-effective. 
  • An iPad is easy to use. With most employees being familiar with touchscreen-based smartphones, using an iPad is easy. Managing an iPad is easier than using a bulky terminal. The added-advantage is that the iPad can be taken anywhere in the store and used. 
  • Most iPad POS use cloud-based software. What this means, is that the data is stored on a cloud server that is available 24/7. The data can be accessed from anywhere and in case of hardware failure, another iPad or mobile can be used to run the POS within minutes. 
  • An iPad POS allows a store to be flexible. Restaurants can take the iPad to where the customers are. Stores can organize events or mobile markets and take the iPad with them. All these features make the use of an iPad POS highly beneficial. 
  • Traditional systems have only a cash register, an iPad POS has many apps that give numerous functionalities. From customer loyalty management to data analytics, and marketing to inventory management all functions can be managed using the iPad. 
  • The iPad POS allows customers to have a better experience during checkout and makes the entire process easier creating a better experience. 

Implementing An iPad POS 

Having understood the benefits of an iPad POS system, if you want to implement it in your store, then you can go through the guidelines on implementation listed in this article. There are many systems in the market that help you implement the POS in the best possible way. Shopify’s iPad POS is one of the best systems in the market. Here’s how you can implement it in your store: 

  1. You need an iPad or even an iPhone to run the POS. The advantage of the iPad is a bigger screen and better ease of use. 
  2. You need the Shopify app that can be easily installed. 
  3. You need a card reader to accept car payments. 
  4. If you want you can buy a barcode scanner and a cash register. This may be required only if you have a high volume of transactions. 
  5. You need to login to the app using your email ID and password. You need to enter the URL of your shop. The moment you do this, the entire contents of your shop will be imported and added to the app in an instant. 
  6. That’s it your store is now ready to use and you can start transacting. 
  7. The products tab in the app is where all your products are displayed. Below this is the orders tab where all orders processed can be seen. The third tab is where you can personalize the store through settings. 
  8. You can configure the hardware to setup all the equipment like bar code scanner, card reader, etc. A setup guide helps you do this easily. 
  9. You can then use the payments option to decide the different payment modes you will accept in your store. 
  10. You then use the Staff option to enter details of your staff who will be authorized to use to app to make billings and use other options. 
  11. Activating the register option will allow you to use a cash register and track the money you have stored in it. 
  12. Once all this is done, you can start using the app to process orders and bill the customers. You can add customer details while making the order. You can process the payment and give discounts. Once you click on complete order, the transaction is complete. You can choose to send the bill to the customer’s email ID. 

Using the Shopify app is easy and allows you to set up your iPad POS effectively.