Today we are exploring 5 Tools For Real Estate agents! Real estate agents are tasked with the purchase and sale of properties and while it is a booming market, the fact that thousands of realtors are jostling to sell to these clients makes it important for a real estate agent to use the availability of technology to get ahead and make sales faster. Just like all other industries, there are tools that help real agents attract customers and sell despite the competitive nature of the business.

These tools help to streamline the process of lead generation, information, and interaction management, and others involved in buying and properties with these processes becoming automated leading to optimization and higher conversion rates. Tools like Radaris allow property records search are also important as they inform the buyer of necessary details about a property. So which tools are most popular and effective for real estate agents? Let’s consider these five tools.



Spacio is one of the leading tools in real estate that provides a lot of services for realtors. The platform operates as an open house system for generating and managing leads and helping to convert the leads to sales through effective customer relationship management. It captures leads, collects information from these visitors through digital forms, sorts them, and manages an agent’s interaction with potential customers. Spacio can be easily integrated with property listing platforms, marketing and lead generation platforms, and various customer relationship management software. As an agent, you can schedule an open house through the platform where customers will indicate interest and the app will verify their details and also give you a sense of what they want.


Advertising on the internet is one of the best ways to generate leads and the better the ad campaign, the more the likelihood of generating quality leads that translates to sales. The largest reach for ads is through online campaigns which is why tools for creating the best ads and boosting these ads on the internet are a must-have for real estate agents. A boost is a tool that automatically creates ads for marketing campaigns. When you think of it many people use these sites including Google to begin their search for properties to buy.

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow is the most visited real estate platform in the United States with over 160 million monthly visits. Agents can upload new listings and then claim the listings easily. The platform itself was created to improve the experience of buying and selling real estate through quick, transparent, and streamlined services at both ends.   Zillow Premier Agent is specifically for real estate agents to use the vast number of visits to the website to grow their businesses by connecting them with active buyers.


This is an online property record search that provides information about properties for both buyers and sellers. The platform has a powerful search engine that accesses various databases for public records for background checks on both properties and owners. Radaris can be used for verifying the real owners of a property and information on them, researching properties to invest in, screening tenants, carrying out mortgage lending research, and more. A search will produce results that include, the name, address, and phone number of the owner(s), property features, information on the neighborhood, prior sales of the property, tax details, ownership transfers, and more.


Buying and selling of real estate involve a lot of paperwork for all parties involved with signatures for transactions, agreements, and records which can slow the process, make it cumbersome, and tire customers sometimes. Instead of trying to get all these manually done, there are electronic tools that can be used to sign these documents and one of the most popular is DocuSign. DocuSign is an easy-to-use platform for signing documents electronically which means that property deals can be completed very fast. The documents can be saved to the cloud to make them secure and easily accessible. This tool is a must-have for any real estate agent who wants to do deals in ways more convenient. It reduces the amount of paperwork for both the buyer and the agent. Documents signed with DocuSign are legally binding in all states of the United States and the platform is an official service provider of the National Association of Realtors. Visit