Creating movie clips using pieces of music, images along motion videos requires minimal skill. Yes, you read it right. With numerous tools available in the market, be it free or paid, it is pretty simple to create videos.

Of course, one must have an eye for detail and creativity as an added attribute to accomplish the task in style. The need for suitable tools is never-ending. On that note, we shall see a list of top video-making tools that can help you create sensational videos

Factors to Consider while choosing a MovieMaker

best online video making software

You must be aware of the relevant factors to check for the right tool. Moreover, most of the tools are good on their own; you must choose the one that suits your editing style. We also suggest you use the trial version of 2 or 3 tools and keep the one that works. Though the accessible version of the tool is good to go for a long time, the paid one always has advanced features.

Factor 1: Ease of Use

It must be the first one you must look for in selecting a video-making tool. Choose the one that has numerous readymade editing templates. It will help you make the videos faster. Also, the tool with the auto mode is of additional importance. 

Factor 2: Video Formats Supported

It is vital too. Firstly, check if the video editing tool accepts the video output of your camera. Most of the video editing tools vanish because it does not support upgraded video formats these days.

Secondly, check for a tool with a good track record in updating itself for different video formats. Lastly, find the tool that produces the video output in multiple video formats too. 

Factor 3: Advanced Features and Special Effects

Select the one with advanced features even in the trial period. You will have to experiment with most of the components before taking a call on the tool. Also, the inbuilt tools that add special effects to your video must be sufficient too. If the tool is devoid of such things, then you will have to spend extra for this, or your video will be plain without any dramatic effects. 

Top 10 Best Movie Makers 2023

01. Movavi Video Editor

Undoubtedly the best video editor, for its tremendous number of editing tools. The advanced editing features and straightforward user interface make Movavi the best in the market so far. The good news for you is, you can deliver the output with 4K quality. The result from Camcorders, Webcams, and TV tuners fed into this tool for creating delectable videos.

02. MiniTool Movie Maker

It is instead a straightforward tool with excellent features. You can import the files and create the videos in a quick time. Moreover, adding titles, editing the videos, and creating charm by adding side effects is relatively simple with this tool. If you have multiple images on your PC and some curiosity in creating a video, you can complete the task in 900 seconds. The only downfall with this tool is, you cannot share the video over social media platforms.

03. InVideo

It is one of the best movie makers, especially for beginners. Not just because you can create a video quickly, but the navigation and the ease with which you can use the tools make it more viable. This online movie maker can edit the animations as well. It is more of a Do-It-Yourself style and one with creative interests in making delectable videos, will not resist using this tool. 

04. Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

The enhanced features in the tool make this an unbelievable tool for Windows 10 users. The straightforward way to edit the images and preview them for further changes makes it an excellent tool for any user. Planning to use your crazy mind to create a remix of an old video and trending music? You can get that done in no time. All this can happen if the size of the video is small; if one plans to do video editing, this tool might get slow.

05. OpenShot

It is an excellent cross-platform video editor. You can switch the platform from Windows to Mac or even Linux and still work on the video without hassle. You will find the features to be excellent as they will immerse the viewers. The components can even remove the background and put the one you want. Adding and editing texts is going to be a cakewalk. 

06. LightWorks

LightWorks has movie history at the backdrop. The tool is well-seasoned, and the professionals like working with this tool. The tool is pretty straightforward. You can create small video clips and share them on the social media platform in a quick time frame. The 720-pixel video output is what amazes the users. The range of file formats it supports makes it a complete tool for video making.

07. Shotcut Movie Maker

Wondering if you can use a free video editing tool with rich features, then Shotcut is your choice. Numerous video filters with several editing tools make Shotcut a one-stop solution for your video editing needs. The tool has a User Interface translation to different languages. The only drawback is that you cannot share the video clip on social media.

08. VSDC Video Editor

It is the complete video editing and social media posting package. The easy user interface is on one side; the non-linear video editing factor is on the other side. This combination has made the tool create videos quickly and help users of any kind to make use of it. You can be a beginner or a seasoned editor; you will never deny its versatility.

09. Videopad

It is a simple tool, which helps you create videos and post them on YouTube instantly. The tool accepts more advanced video formats. The variety of visual effects available in the tool allows users to waste no time searching for it elsewhere. You have three quality options to export movies; HD, 2K, and 4K.

10. Blender

It is for beginners and made by experts. Yes, VFX experts and scientists developed this tool for people who have taken video editing as their profession. It is an open-source tool and is free too.

This is the best online tool to make animated videos. Of course, you need professional help to learn the tool, and we see this as the only downfall of this tool. 

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