Clipdiary Crack v5.7 is a powerful and comprehensive clipboard history recording software. It includes many unique features such as automatic backup, detailed history, customizable hotkeys, scheduled tasks, and online group sharing. When you have it enabled on your computer, it will save all of your copy/paste activity to a local database where you can quickly retrieve frequently used snippets or address strings. It can also be used to manage private notes, share project updates with team members in an instant, and even access a remote clip library from any device with an Internet connection.

Moreover, Clipdiary Crack has become highly popular among home users who use the tool as an aid for their daily tasks. It brings much more accuracy to the accidental deletion of text while typing or pasting content from multiple sources. With its automated backup feature, the program ensures that you have all of the important information readily available at all times to simplify and speed up the workflow.

Clipdiary Crack

Clipdiary can help you become more organized and efficient in using this feature. Clipdiary is an automated clipboard manager for Windows which helps users upgrade their traditional clipboard usage capabilities. It records everything that is stored on the clipboard and ensures that it doesn’t get lost or deleted. Clipdiary comes with a comfortable user interface, making it easy to find exactly what you need quickly from the history tab and browse through previous entries with ease. It also allows you to customize its colors and appearance as well as adjust settings according to your needs.

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The Search function is a great tool when trying to locate specific items in the history of a Clipdiary list since it enables users to search through text snippets or filter by different parameters (e.g., date/time). Once located, the specific content can be previewed or copied immediately for easy access. Through its various sorting algorithms, users are able to organize their clipboards by customizing how recently used items appear at the top of the list while those that have not been accessed in a while move further down. Additionally, lists can be categorized by entirely separating them into sections via different folders according to relevance and topic.

An Autoclean option is available in Clipdiary which allows users to set preferences regarding how long they would like certain items stored before being removed automatically from the history list, ensuring inconvenience-free organizational work over extended periods of time. Being able to back up all previously saved information easily is one of its most remarkable features as users have complete access to any transferable data between programs or even different computers! Advanced third-party import/export functions improve upon this valuable setup with additional security present whenever files are handled outside of Clipdiary itself.

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Clipdiary produces an impressive first impression thanks to its detail-oriented features that lead towards advanced organizing techniques for your daily workflow without hassle! With each step taken towards becoming fully optimized and being backed over numerous functions, getting started with this program should — quite literally — be a piece of cake! Clipdiary is a tool that helps digital users organize, store and manage copied text and images. It uses the clipboard to capture everything you copy, making it easy to review and access anytime. Clipdiary essentially creates a digital diary of what you copy, allowing digital users to find it again without having to manually sort through hundreds of documents. Here is a brief overview of the benefits of using Clipdiary. You May Also Like To Download CleanMyMac X Crack.

Clipdiary Crack Full Review:

One of the biggest benefits of using Clipdiary is its time-saving feature – by storing all your copied items in one place, the program allows you to easily search for them or quickly reference images or text from past sessions. Additionally, with Clipdiary’s highly intuitive interface and powerful editing tools, users are able to quickly modify any copied information before pasting it elsewhere. Lastly, due to its intuitive categorization system, content stored in Clipdiary can be efficiently organized into “shopping lists”, notes, resources, etc., making it easier than ever before for users to keep track of important information.

Clipdiary is an easy-to-use clipboard tracking tool that allows you to easily save, manage and organize your most important clipboard data. To get started, first download and install Clipdiary on your computer. Then, create a user profile with your mail settings (so that Clipdiary can send your clipboard items by mail) and configure the options according to your preferences. After that’s done, you’re ready to start using Clipdiary! Latest Updated Signal for Desktop Full Crack.

When you’re working on something, just use the Hotkeys or the toolbar tray icon for easy one-click access to all of Clipdiary’s tools. It also has helpful visual reminders like history lists and color-coding which can make it easier to recall what was copied previously. Additionally, try annotations for added convenience – users can attach notes to clipboard content that makes it easier to remember why they saved something in the first place. Finally, take advantage of one more amazing feature – remote sharing – that allows you to share clips across devices as well as with other users!

Clipdiary Crack Key Features:

  • Clipboard History – With this feature, users can access items in their clipboard history and quickly add them to new projects and documents.
  • Quick Search Tool – The software also includes a powerful quick search tool that allows searching your entire clipboard history by character, phrase, or keyword.
  • Export Tool Alongside the import tool – Easily export your clipboards to HTML, text, Docx, CSV, or JSON formats to share with colleagues or friends.
  • Single-click Capture – This feature enables you to capture any type of data with just a single click without having to paste it manually into an application.
  • Advanced Capture Modes – In addition to its standard capture mode, Clipdiary also offers advanced capture modes such as automatic copy mode and drag & drop mode that allow for faster data capture from different sources.
  • Automatic Backup Creation – You can create backups instantly or schedule backups at any time to keep your data secure and organized.
  • Daily Usage Logs – Track daily usage logs with simple reports showing the number of clips captured per day, words typed, etc., giving you better insights about workflow efficiency and productivity levels within your team.
  • Merge Clips Functionality – This feature helps make copying multiple pieces of information from separate sources easier by merging them into one clipboard item automatically without losing clarity or formatting
  • Extensive Customization Options – Take full control over personalizing the look and feel of Clipdiary’s interface through extensive customization options such as improving usability through shortcuts key bindings, editing highlight colors for labels in the menu bar, etc.

What’s New in Clipdiary Full Cracked?

  • Unlimited Multi-Clipboard Space: Clipdiary now offers unlimited multi-clipboard space, allowing you to store more data than ever before.
  • Enhanced Windows Support: Clipdiary 10 now provides enhanced support for windowed applications, including full-screen mode, keyboard shortcuts, and more.
  • Dynamic Screenshot Quality Control: You can now adjust the quality of your screenshots in real time by changing the range of resolutions supported.
  • Customizable Hotkeys: You can customize the hotkeys used to capture and paste text snippets from your clipboard.
  • Cloud Storage Integration: Clipdiary 10 allows you to sync your clips with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox for easy cross-device access.
  • Improved Hyperlinks Support: Now you can have clickable links in your clips making it easier than ever to organize your resources.
  • Automated RTF/Plain Text Conversion: Snippets are automatically converted into RTF format for easy sharing across multiple systems.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: You can now search for specific clips or text snippets using keywords or particular formatting options such as bolded or italicized text.
  • Convenient Plugins & Add-Ons: With plugins and add-ons you can extend the functionality of Clipdiary 10 with options such as translation tools and HTML formatting options.


Q1: What is Clipdiary?

  • A1: Clipdiary is a free clipboard manager software that enables users to efficiently manage their copy-and-paste activities by storing multiple copies of items they have copied to the clipboard. It helps store all your text and images so you can quickly switch between them without having to re-copy them again.

Q2: What type of content can be inserted in Clipdiary?

  • A2: All types of content, including text, images, formatted texts, URLs, HTML codes, files – any item that can be copied and pasted from any application.

Q3: Can I save my projects in Clipdiary?

  • A3: Yes. With Clipdiary you can save projects with plenty of records as often as you like. All data will be stored securely by cryptographic technologies used in Clipdiary software providing extra security for your valuable data.

Q4: Does it work offline?

  • A4: Yes! You don’t need an Internet connection because all your information will be saved locally on a PC or laptop hard drive or external drive depending on data size.

Q5: Is there any restriction on the number of characters used when clipping data?

  • A5: No! There is no limitation to the number of characters that you may use when clipping data into the software – it supports 10 million characters per entry without encoding problems!


  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Supports different types of content – Unicode & regular text/images/URLs/HTML/files etc
  • Keeps track of up to 10 million characters per entry
  • Automatically fills out forms in web browsers with one click
  •  Includes a variety of tools for managing info efficiently
  • Allows saving projects containing plenty of records


  • Limited features compared with other paid clipboard managers
  • Relatively system resources consuming – high CPU usage
  • Not available for mobile devices

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 compatible system
  • Decent graphics card with modern drivers
  • 20 MB of free disk space
  •  Direct X 9.0c or later
  • At least 512 MB RAM
  • An internet connection for updates


Clipdiary Crack 2024 is a powerful clipboard manager that stores text and images from any application you have on your computer. It requires Windows 7, 8, or 10 compatible systems as well as decent graphics cards with modern drivers and 20 MB of disk space. At least 512MB RAM is needed for the Clipdiary to run smoothly and you will also need an Internet connection to perform important updates.

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