If you want to create an app that is futuristic, fun, and influential, you want to create an Apple Watch app! Wearable apps are all the rage, so whether you make an Apple Watch app or prefer developing watchOS apps, you’ll have a winner on your hands.

Why You Should Create an Apple Watch App

6 Steps To Create An Apple Watch App

According to sites like Statista, more than half a billion dollars worth of wearable devices is being used globally. By 2026, this number will grow to exceed $150 billion. If you want a piece of the action, you should build a wearable app of your own.

How to Build Your Wearable App

The process is the same, whether you create a WatchOS app or an Apple Watch app. Coding and circuit design can be complicated, so you need to carefully plan your whole app (and what you’d like to achieve).

01. Planning

You need to kick off the entire process by brainstorming a few ideas and then working on a plan of attack. How will you build the app? Who will make it? Which features should you include? What do you want to achieve? After brainstorming, you can create a rough outline of your app, what it should do, how it will look, and what you want to be included in the app.

Feel free to dream big during this stage. You are just mapping out the possibilities – you can always tone it down later when you finally create a wearable app that is ready for the market.

02. Competitive Analysis

Before you can build a new wearable app, you have to know what’s out there. Start with a competitive analysis of the other apps on the market. What features do they all have in common? What features do you wish they had? Which ones are lacking or difficult to use? You can create a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves that will guide your developers.

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03. Focus on Data Collection

Wearables are popular because they can collect user data – step counts, heart rate, sleep quality, and other information. If you want to provide value to your customers, you have to collect accurate information about the users. You’ll need suitable app sensors for data collection, and you’ll also have to secure that personal information appropriately. Make sure you spend the right amount of properly developing and testing your app sensors as a priority.

04. Create a Project Planning Checklist

Now that you have a rough idea of what you’d like your app to look like, you can create a project planning checklist. Will the app be for Android or iOS or your own hardware product?

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05. Create a Prototype or MVP

You’ll start by prototyping your wearable device and software MVP – the minimum viable product you need to start testing. It will allow you some time to find any problems with your design. You want to create a product that suits your user base, so make sure you understand your demographic and their requirements before designing your first MVP.

You should also consider which apps you’d like to integrate with. You have to finalize all of the data you’ll require for the app to function and then use a system-on-a-chip (SoC) to native interface with a number of sensors. Using API, you can then share data from different apps and devices.

06. Testing

The way the app interacts with users and presents data will reveal a lot. If your UI is too complex or you present your customers with too much information, they won’t enjoy using the app. Find out which features mean the most to your customers and work on perfecting them, cutting out any unappealing or unnecessary features along the way.

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Wearable apps seem like they belong to a futuristic world, but they have arrived in full. If you decide to create an Apple Watch app, you are entering a growth market. Ensure that you do your research and follow all the required steps to turn your dream into reality. If you aren’t a developer, make sure to partner with an experienced company that can help you along the way.