History Behind Hublot Watches– Carlo Crocco, a representative of the ancient Milanese dynasty, before starting to develop his own watch brand, for a long time studied the concepts of famous brands and compared their most popular collections. Carlo came to the conclusion that in the collections of expensive watches the classic reigns supreme and all brands in relation to it show a peculiar conservative conformism.

Hublot Watches Models 2020

Famous brands of the luxury segment prefer to be careful and offer their customers watches exclusively in a strictly classic design, for some reason they are sure that people who are able to pay a lot of money for watches are adherents of strict classics. Carlo decided to develop a special brand that will revive classics frozen in time.

Starting of Hublot Watches

For the first time, a Hublot wristwatch (“Ublo” or, in some sources, “Hublot”) appeared on sale in 1980; it was an elite watch with a gold case on a rubber strap. It is these watches, which in their concept are not similar to anyone else, laid the foundation for a new direction in the watch industry: to combine gold and rubber – no one has done this yet. In less than 10 years of hard work, the watch brand Hublot has managed to gain popularity and become one of the most prestigious brands in Switzerland, which account for units.

According to creative director of Hublot, Jean-Claude Beaver, the main goal of the company is not to compete with other elite manufacturers of Swiss watches by all possible methods, but to offer the consumer something new, something that others do not have. He says that Hublot watches are designed for those people who earn so much that they can not afford expensive watches at all in order to track the time on them. That is why Hublot allowed themselves an unreadable black ceramic dial with black arrows and black diamonds.

Popularity of Hublot Brand

The Hublot brand is focused on respectable and influential people, and at the same time, it follows universal values: the company provides support to people who have cancer. So, recently a charity online auction was held with the participation of musicians from the Depeche Mode group: 12 luxury watch models with images of album covers of musicians on the dial were put up for sale; proceeds from the sale of all 12 models were transferred to the account of the fund of adolescents with cancer.

Hublot draws inspiration from the world of sports: almost all Hublot watches are somehow related to sports. For example, the Aero Bang Morgan collection, with a release of 500 pieces, was timed to coincide with the centennial of Morgan, whose specialization is the production of exclusive sports cars. Aero Bang Morgan watch has become a miniature of the famous AeroMax car.

Have A Look On Some Popular Models of Hublot Watches

The limited-edition SuperB Vendee Globe was designed specifically for the Vendee Globe round-the-world regatta. This watch is an original combination of steel, pink and yellow gold; The watch dial is made in blue, symbolizing the waters of three oceans – the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific. Images of continents and regatta routes are marked in silver.

Hublot’s talented craftsmen created a real miracle just a few years ago: they took the mechanism of the classic chronograph as a basis and made it look like a detonator – such a reaction followed after the company introduced a new watch model called the Big Bang. Its uniqueness lies in an unusual combination of materials and fantastic features of the watch: a double folding lock, a tourbillon, an anti-reflective coating of the dial and many additional timers. The watch is made of a ceramic welt with six titanium screws, two Kevlar petals covering the crown, and rubber inserts.

Hublot Watches 2020

The dial is made of hydrocarbon fiber, the hands of the watch have a luminescent backlight. The watch strap is made of black rubber with locking buttons. Owners of Hublot Big Bang can go swimming without restriction and watch the life of the underwater world without fear of spoiling their expensive watches – such a luxury watch world did not know yet. Big Bang model remains the most demanded of the entire Hublot watch catalog.

Football, the most popular and prestigious sport, was also reflected in the Hublot wristwatch, the release of which was timed to coincide with the World Cup: a case with a height of 45 millimeters is made of 18-carat pink gold, divisions and hands are also gold. The watch is equipped with a double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal and a traditional black rubber strap. The case back is engraved with the logo of the FIFA World Cup. A loyal fan and at the same time an advertising person of Hublot is the famous football player Diego Maradona, in whose honor the Big Bang Maradona name model was released.

The brand concept basically focuses on the novelty and freshness of the designer look, creates chic and expensive models in an innovative, bold way. The word Hublot in French means “round window in the cabin”; and indeed, this watch also has something of a marine theme: its massive, stylish case resembles a first-class cabin window. The design of Hublot watches is developed taking into account some mandatory principles: firstly, it is always a large case in the form of a ship window or a porthole of a spaceship; secondly, in their manufacture, the most unexpected combinations of materials are used – natural rubber, ceramics, gold, and steel.

At the heart of the new collections is an even more unusual combination of materials. So, for the new series of men’s watches Hublot, combinations of tantalum and rose gold, titanium, and ceramics are used, as well as special Hublonium material, the patent for which is owned only by Hublot. This material is an alloy of magnesium and aluminum. The new women’s collection of Hublot watches will pleasantly surprise you with a variety of colors – from traditionally black to bright orange and blue. Hublot women’s watches are designed by designers taking into account sophisticated and inconsistent female tastes – unique and expensive models with luxurious finishes in black diamonds and white gold.

The impeccable quality of Swiss movements, expensive, rare materials and exclusive design – all this attracts not only “simple millionaires”, but also connoisseurs of contemporary art. Hublot is the choice of wealthy and powerful people.