HaoZip Crack is a powerful archive manager, a new generation is completely free compression software, compared to other compression software uses fewer system resources, better compatibility, the compression rate is relatively high. The new version also adds exclusive support for the rar5 format, as well as a virtual CD-ROM drive. Friends who want to experience can download it for free.

HaoZip crack full version

HaoZip Key Features

1. Support rar5

The rar plug-in provided by a third party, allows users to create and modify the compressed package in rar format.

2. Permanent Free

Shared version of traditional compression software, trial period, cracked version, purchase license, revised version, we have enough! 2345 is free for all individual users and business users forever, please rest assured to use it.

3. Good compatibility.

The domestic exclusive and perfect support for all WINDOWS systems including Win8, Win7, Vista, WinXP, and Win2003, and supports more compression formats than traditional compression software. You only need to install one software to easily decompress. More than 50 common compression formats. The latest perfect support for ZIPX and ALZ format decompression can compress LZH format.

4. The virtual CD-ROM Drive

It has a small and exquisite interactive interface that provides multiple loading entrances and is easy to operate. Supports mounting ISO, MDS, MDF, CCD, CUE, IMG, UDF, URG, and other general optical disc images as virtual optical drives, which are convenient for reading discs for entertainment and learning.

5. Rich extensions

The first to view the picture in the package without decompression, provide MD5 verification as an optional plug-in, replace characters in batches, and modify file names in batches to meet your various needs.

What’s New in HaoZip Crack 6.3.1?

  • Improve the speed of decompression.
  • Fixed some known bugs.
  • Fixed the problem that the Picture King cannot be used in the compressed package under certain conditions to view pictures continuously.
  • Fix the bug that blocks the taskbar when it is maximized on the secondary screen.
  • Fix the bug that re-annotation in the process of converting the RAR package into an annotation operation will cause a crash.
  • Improved compatibility and stability in different system environments.
  • Optimize the uninstall process, right-click disappears, and one-click repair.
  • Optimize the upgrade process, and use the process without interruption.
  • Add a desktop shortcut after the installation is complete.
  • Optimized the text of the prompt box when the compressed package has just been downloaded and decompressed failed, making the prompt clearer.
  • For more information, you can visit the official site.

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