Can you recall how you learned math growing up? Perhaps you had a hard time memorizing abstract concepts and hypothetical equations, and thought to yourself: “When is this ever going to be used?” If you asked your teacher this question, he or she probably never really gave you a satisfactory answer. Studies show that directly memorizing abstract concepts without first understanding the underlying logic can be quite damaging to children, and sets them on the wrong path from the beginning. We need to find a way for our children to learn easily. An online learning app is one of the best ways, such as a hot app named Creta Class.

How can math learning app help kids learn math better

As many parents suggested, Creta Class math provides the most suitable mathematics learning method for children of a specific age. Adopt a more structured approach to make learning easier and more effective for children. So, what can we do to set our children on the right path to learning math?

  • Downplay Memorization, Emphasize Logic
  • Use Concrete Objects to Understand Abstract Ones
  • Learn through Real-Life Experiences

Downplay Memorization, Emphasize Logic

If children cannot count or calculate, it’s usually because they haven’t learned the underlying logical concepts yet. At this stage, children should not be forced to memorize baffling mathematical concepts and abstract symbols. Instead, they should be taught through hands-on, physical activities. These activities help children notice how items are alike and different, understand the concept of inclusion, and understand logical order, respectively.

You can get help from some math learning platforms. Creta Class is an online math learning app that gets many awards, through pairing, classification, sequential activities, and after-school exercises, children’s independent thinking ability and logical thinking abilities will be exercised. At first, these activities may seem to have nothing to do with math, but they form the necessary foundation for children to learn math.

Use Concrete Objects to Understand Abstract Ones

Children cannot understand abstract mathematical concepts without first understanding concrete ones. At this stage, use physical objects to represent abstract figures. Once children have accumulated enough concrete examples, they will be able to begin drawing inferences. In the course teaching, you can choose Creta Class interesting teaching video courses. Let children understand more complex mathematical knowledge through specific animation pictures, making their learning process easier and more effective. For example, the slicing up of an everyday cake or apple can allow children to quickly become familiar with the mathematical concept of “bisection.” At this stage, we should not emphasize mathematical calculations to be done quickly and accurately, but instead focus on providing more concrete, real-life examples that our children can see and touch.

Learn through Real-Life Experiences

Your child’s understanding of math comes from real-life experiences. The problems he encounters are real and specific—they are his problems and are thus easy for him to solve. So using daily situations to teach math to your child is the best way. Creta Class math as a leader of online education combines mathematics teaching with daily life situations so that children can understand mathematics content in a more specific context. These specific scenarios will make it easier for children to understand mathematics because these scenarios are closely related to them.

When children consciously begin to use mathematical concepts to solve everyday problems, they begin to truly understand the relationship between mathematics and life. The better way to learn math is to encourage children to connect concrete objects in everyday life to symbolic numbers and abstract concepts—this is what sets them on the right path. Once children are able to make these connections, the door to mathematics will surely open for them.

Overall, choosing a professional online math app that has been approved by awards like Creta Class India allows your children to have the ability to think independently from three different perspectives earlier, and lay a higher foundation for their future life and study. If you are interested in it, come and download it from Google Play or the App store, and try Creta Class trial lessons!