The software market can be conditionally divided into two biggest centers – the U.S. market and the European market. So to define how many developers are actually in the software, what programming languages are in higher demand, what payrolls they get, we need to take a close look at the software development companies in Europe and America and what conditioning they provide.

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How Many Software Developers Are There in the US?

According to the recent statistics gathered and analyzed from various sources, the number of American software developers has grown by 10% compared to 2016 and it equals 4.3 million. There is even no need to say that this number is constantly growing. The profession of software developer remains in high demand for the last 10+ years all over the world.

The abovementioned number of American software developers includes not only software engineers but marketing and sales managers, copywriters, Business Analysts, mathematicians, and anyone related to code writing and who is aware of how to code.

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Programming languages in the USA

Currently, the C programming language is considered to be leading in the American software market and counts the biggest number of software developed in this direction. The second no less popular programming language is Python and only then Java. There is also a tendency to decrease the need for PHP, C, and Java languages in the territory of the U.S. but the certain demand still remains.

Hourly rates in the USA

The developer rates in the USA depend on the class of the chosen software development company – number of employees, range of services, clients, types of software projects, the average bill for the project, and so on. The hourly rates start from $75 and rise up to $850 depending on the company class and developer level.

How Many Software Developers Are There in Europe?

The European software market is considered to be one of the biggest outsourcing centers in the world that attracts customers from different countries. If you collect all software development located in European countries it would amount to $5.5 million. However, the most popular countries where the outsourcing market is supposed to be the best developed are Ukraine and Poland.

These two Eastern European countries count a huge number of small and large software development companies with top-notch developers that are proficient in an extensive domain and technical expertise we will talk about later.

Outsourcing IT market in Poland

There are more than 50000 software development countries which are about 30000 software developers located in the largest Polish cities like Krakow, Warsaw, and others. Polish software developers are aware of the latest technological trends in the modern IT market showing proficiency in Java, Python, PHP, etc.

Talking about the hourly rates, Polish developers are a little bit more expensive than the Ukrainian IT market starting from $50 while the Ukrainian hourly rates start from $30-$35.

Outsourcing IT market in Ukraine

The software development market in Ukraine is constantly growing and it impresses by the outstanding software talents coming from the Ukrainian software development companies. Every year the country sees the foundation of new software development companies that commonly offer outsourcing development services for clients from other countries. All Ukrainian developers are proficient in English so there are no boundaries in the communication with foreign customers.

Moreover, Ukrainian developers provide the most reasonable hourly rates starting from $35 which is much lower than American developers. Besides, the quality of software solutions Ukrainian engineers deliver remains high-grade and innovative.

Reasons to choose a Ukrainian outsourcing company

Taking into account all the above-mentioned descriptions of the outsourcing software market, cooperation with the Ukrainian software development company would be the most profitable and we would like to explain why.

Ukrainian software developers offer an extensive range of services like custom software development, design and solution architecture creation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, telehealth, IoT, business intelligence, virtual reality, big data, and many-many others. They are on the same page with the innovations being introduced to the modern software market.

Implementing these innovations aims to digitally transform the businesses of different industries and sizes helping them adopt technologies and enhance productivity and revenue.

Ukrainian software development companies, like GBKSOFT, build cross-industry custom software meeting all the needs and requirements of their client’s businesses. The domain expertise includes healthcare, fintech, retail, manufacturing, supply chain, sports, social network, gambling & betting, and others.

Besides, there are numerous worldwide brands that have started in Ukraine (Grammarly), dedicated their software development to Ukrainian outsourcing partners, and hold the R&D centers within one of the Ukrainian software development countries. Well, it definitely proves Ukraine as a trusted and reliable country to outsource your custom software development.