How to Free Fax Online with CocoFax

Although time has changed and so have people’s choices and preferences, good things always find their way. Just like that, however old faxing may be, it still has its place and stands firmly as one of the most effective methods of official discussions.

How to Free Fax Online with CocoFax

Earlier, when there was no existence of modern communication techniques and the internet was not available everywhere, faxing was the most preferred way to send and get official documents from around the world. People used faxing as their only means for communicating globally as well as locally.

With the passage of time, there have a significant amount of advancements in the communication industry and the world has experienced a great change in this area. Not only new ways of communication have been innovated but they have also brought a significant change in people’s lives.

But none of these ways succeeded to offer the safety and reliability provided by fax. Hence, in terms of security, fax remains the topper. And this is why people have continued to use this old method even in this advanced era.

But don’t you worry, faxing is not as bothersome as it used to be. If it were, it would have vanished quite soon. Hence, technological experts decided to give faxing a makeover so that people can still enjoy the incredible security advantages affiliated with faxing. Here we will put the best way in front of you with which you can easily enjoy faxing features.

CocoFax – The Best and Reliable Free Fax Service

CocoFax is an online fax service provider that takes faxing to another level. When talking about convenience, CocoFax has the most. CocoFax is notable to an extent that it has also been featured in some of the big international media outlets like Forbes, Toms Guide, TechRadar and the New York Times, to mention just a few.

How to Free Fax Online with CocoFax

CocoFax provides free fax services all around the planet. Through CocoFax, you can fax online within seconds. With CocoFax, you no longer need the big faxing machines which were previously a must-have for faxing. It also eradicates the need for other previously needed requirements like paper and toner etc.

Why is CocoFax needed?

You would probably be wondering why is CocoFax even needed to fax online. Well, the reason is simple. Directly sending faxes through the internet is not possible because of the incompatibility of the two platforms, fax, and the internet.

The reason for this conflict is that these two platforms operate quite differently. Faxing is done through telephone lines which in turn operate through analog signals. While on the other hand, the internet is a digitally powered medium.

This incompatibility gives rise to the need for an intermediary service, such as CocoFax, that understands the data of both mediums and works as an interpreter to translate the work of both forums and then transmit it over.

Requirements to fax freely through CocoFax

CocoFax’s requirements to fax are not as complicated and bothersome as the old faxing ways. There is absolutely no need for setting up a fax machine and maintaining paper and toner etc. You just need some simple things so as to transfer your faxes through the web.

CocoFax Account

Whether it is CocoFax that you use or any other fax service, having an account is necessary. But with CocoFax, the registration process is made simpler and convenient. You can create an account easily by visiting their official site and then start with faxing right away.

Fax Number

Even if you’re using modern ways like online fax services to deliver your faxes, a fax number is something without which faxing is not possible through anyway. You must have a fax number in order to use the faxing services of CocoFax.

CocoFax – The Best and Reliable Free Fax Service

In the previous days, when faxing was done through telephone lines, getting a fax number was quite a hassle. You needed to contact your telephone operator in order to get one. But with CocoFax, everything has been made easy. CocoFax provides free fax numbers to its huge numbered client base to make faxing even easier.

Internet Connection

Another thing without which you cannot successfully fax is a strong internet connection. The device which you’re using for faxing purposes must have a strong internet connection because CocoFax, like all other fax services, operates through the internet.

Incredible Features that make CocoFax The Best

CocoFax has a variety of features that contribute to CocoFax being the best online fax service. Here we will mention only a few of them.

Incredible Features that make CocoFax The Best

Security and Safety

CocoFax makes no compromise on the safety and security of its clients’ data. With the very good quality encryption conventions and safety efforts that make information breach impossible, CocoFax ensures that your faxes get to the right place.

Versatile Fax Solutions

CocoFax can adjust to any organization paying little heed to its size. Regardless of whether you are an individual specialist or a major organization with a few workers, CocoFax’s fax arrangements can deal with your necessities. Its various plans are custom-fitted and appropriate for you. There are no shrouded charges that you have to stress over.

Fax through Email

Furthermore, CocoFax provides the facility of faxing through email(Gmail or any other email client). As email is very notable and much used by people all over the world, hence CocoFax added fax to email to make it super convenient for its clients to start faxing.

Fax through Email

24×7 Customer Support

CocoFax is not like other services who do not come up to their customers’ expectations and don’t even care to respond to the clients’ queries. CocoFax has a supportive team containing members who are really hardworking and work to answer and respond to users’ queries in the best way and as soon as possible.

Fax from Phone

Through CocoFax, faxing isn’t simply constrained to your PC. CocoFax offers you the alternative to fax from your, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows cell phone. Presently you can send and get faxes regardless of where you are with Cocofax’s fax from cellphone services.


CocoFax has made faxing much easier and botherless than it has been ever before. We have put all the major features that CocoFax contains in front of you. You can get to know it more by visiting the official CocoFax website and start faxing on the go.