10 Unexpected Ways Knowlarity Super Receptionist Can Enhance Your Business

When a business person starts up with a business, the primary aim he keeps is to enhance it in such a way that it yields profit and sustains in the market for a longer time. Numerous companies are coming up with unique mechanisms that help in different ways to enhance a business. Knowreality is a distinguished service provider of the cloud-telephony service. It can help small business owners in many ways. Some of the leading ways in which Super Receptionist can enhance a business are mentioned below:-

Free Access resulting in Minimum Expenditure

For a new entrepreneur, buying any kind of digital mechanism can be a painful task as they are quite expensive. Regularly buying them can bring down the actual profit of the business. In the case of Super Receptionist, one can easily download it from the Google Play Store and install in quickly. Once the entrepreneur is set with the system, he can buy a plan.

Phone Call Management for never missing a call

As a virtual receptionist, you can expect outstanding phone call management from Super Receptionist. The chances of missing a call will minimize. A person hoping to start up a BPO can easily use the Super Receptionist to make both inbound and outbound calls. Moreover, as the total system is digital, it will take just a click to call someone, thus, saving much time.

Filtering Fake Calls to save time

Fake or unwanted calls are of no need in a business environment. Super Receptionist can detect a scam call. Moreover, it can restrict unwanted calls if a particular number is termed as a blacklisted one.

Answering a Call to hold Client

Knowlarity has made Super receptionist in such a manner that it can auto-answer calls. It helps you to hold your clients for some moments when you are engaged in some other work. Thus, you can expect to maintain excellent clients’ base all the time.

Complete Data Analysis for Better Profit


Super Receptionist can perform complete data analysis for a business. It can help an entrepreneur to cut down the time that would have been spent to analyze complex data of the business organization. One can quickly normalize the workforce while running a business.

High-Quality Call Recording to Store Information

A large number of valuable information can be present in case of a phone call. The Super Receptionist makes sure every call is recorded. You can easily access the call recordings and pen down the vital and necessary information from them.

CRM Integration For Customer Happiness

Super Receptionist can be integrated easily with CRM systems. Thus, one can expect a stronghold of communication with all the customers. In turn, customers can also develop a definite notion about the business entity.

Customized Reporting for a seamless workflow

When it comes to reporting, a business person can always make outstanding reports with the help of Super Receptionist. Thus, auditing can become an easy job altogether.

Connection to the 24*7 IVR System for Business exposure

The IVR System actually helps to expose your business organization to a massive amount of people. With the help of this open database, you can project the services among a large number of people. There can help many potential customers who might turn into the regular ones if you are able to provide them with desirable services.

Multi-Agent Access Leading to Improve Customer Hold

Super Receptionist helps you to access multiple agents for your business. Thus you can expect a drastic improvement in the number of customers for your business.

Presently, Super Receptionist can be considered as a best-friend for someone who is into the business sector for the first time. Apart from improving the services, you can take this system to make the customers happy. Remember that the customer base is the most essential thing that you need to develop. The best way to make a business prosper is by keeping all the customers happy. Super Receptionist can provide you with automated services by both holding your customers as well as easing all business procedures.

Some facts that you must consider before buying a paid package of Super Receptionist are the types of commodities or services you are going to deal with. Moreover, if your business productivity deals strictly with time (like a BPO), you must make integration of a time-tracker with the Super Receptionist. As it is evident by the name, Super Receptionist from the house of Knowlarity can deliver all the works of a receptionist. But as a modern virtual system, it can help you improve your business in the ways mentioned above. If you were unaware about Super Receptionist, all this time, it is now time to consider buying a package and using it. As an initiation, you can try the free trial pack at first.