There are two certifications that matter when beginning as a Product Owner: Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) conducted by Scrum Alliance and Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I) conducted by We can choose to go for the PSPO Ias a Product Owner Course for a few reasons:

Scrum Product Owner Training

  1. CSPO constrains you to follow a two-day preparation schedule. When you pass the preparation or training, the certificate is just valid for two years. It is an extraordinary certification from Scrum Union. We would rather not be a piece of this, as we don’t completely accept that it adds sufficient worth. PSPO I can be learned in your own leisure time and you need to pass a web-based examination. It is very much valid.
  2. CSPO isn’t held in higher regard than PSPO I. PSPO I is, in reality, more trivial than CSPO. Job opening doesn’t make any difference between the two. Why go through more cash if it doesn’t add value worth in the employment sector?
  3. In any case, which one of the two we would take, we would concentrate on similar modules and guides. The objective should be the acquired knowledge and not just the stamped certification.

Organizations do think often about stamped certification. Particularly when you need to begin as a Product Owner without related experience, then you should essentially care about knowing that you are ready to apply.

Technique for passing the PSPO I certification

You should use the accompanying technique for getting the accreditation:

  • Book the test ahead of schedule. This implies your review time will be time-boxed and you have a deadline to run after. One month should be all that could possibly be needed. It assists with being on track and accomplishing the work.
  • Study the official Scrum Guide. Read it once more. Continue to study till you get exhausted. It is just only 20 pages!
  • Make a Mindset. Formalize what you have studied in a psychological model. This will help to recall and efficient learning.
  • Do all of the open assignments accessible on for every job: Development Group, Scrum Expert, and Product Owner. Continue to do this until you reliably score 100 percent. If you give an incorrect answer, read the main parts in the Scrum guide. Doing all accessible open assessments assists with knowing where every job starts and closes.
  • The unseen details are the main problem. Ensure you can respond to the accompanying questions by heart beginning from sprint, Scrum Events, and more.
  • Study articles on the Product Owner job. There are all that could possibly be needed on different websites. This helps understand alternate points of view and to get more in-depth knowledge with regards to what the job truly involves. You can likewise recognize the missteps individuals make in their articles. Scrum is not difficult to learn, yet difficult to master.

Doing the PSPO I accreditation

The accreditation requires an hour and comprises 80 questions. You won’t have a great deal of time to thoroughly consider things. Be ready for this so you don’t feel constrained. We would sort the test as simple in terms of difficulty level. If you followed all of the means above you do not need to stress. It is best to go for a Scrum Product Owner Training from StarAgile before sitting for the examination.

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