All businesses go to great lengths to secure their assets. You have security cameras, bodyguards, locks on access doors, and so on. What about the data on your computers, which in many cases are more valuable than physical assets, how do you secure those?

Best Tips To Secure Sensitive Data At Your Workplace

Tips To Secure Sensitive Data At Your Workplace

Here are a few tips to help you keep your sensitive data protected at all times.

Secure Sensitive Data Use secure passwords 

This is the most basic step if you want to protect sensitive data on your company’s computers and internal network. You need to instruct all your employees to only use strong passwords, preferably computer-generated passwords. Most people find this tedious and unnecessary and choose basic passwords, like their birthday or their partner’s name as passwords.

Those are very easy to guess and if there’s anyone interested in accessing a computer they shouldn’t they won’t have any problem guessing the password.

For better protection, businesses should start using password management systems that make it very easy for all employees to keep track of the various passwords they use for their online accounts.

Also, people should be told not to use the same password for their business and personal accounts.

Introduce a need-to-know policy

To put it simply, to prevent data theft, employees should be given access only to the information they need for their job. If an employee doesn’t need to use certain sensitive data, their access to a server should be restricted.

This can be easily done using a password management system. This allows system administrators to monitor which employees access certain information and to notice unauthorized attempts to access restricted info.

Ask for background checks

Most companies take steps to protect themselves against outside attacks and data thefts. What about inside jobs?

Some employees might use their security clearance to access restricted financial information in order to commit fraud. Others might try to surpass your IT’s elaborate security protocols to steal vital information on new projects and sell them to your competitors. Unfortunately, most security systems will fail to spot such activity if the guy is really good. And it might not be his or her first job.

In order to protect sensitive data against career criminals, the best thing you can do is ask all your employees for a background check.

Many Australian companies already do that since such police checks are so easy to order. The past few years have witnessed the apparition of several online character check agencies, accredited with the country’s Criminal Commission, who do the same job as the regular police. These online agencies like the following website link – are becoming increasingly popular since they make a very tedious process very quick and straightforward. Your HR manager can set up a business account with an online agency.

Every time they want to hire someone new they can access their account and fill in the digital form, together with a photo of the employee.

Background checking services have access to all the police databases in the country so they do a thorough check on a person. It’s not like someone who was in prison for fraud in the state of Victoria can move to New South Wales after release to steal from someone else. Any offense committed anywhere in the country will be revealed during the background check so you’ll know if it’s someone you should hire or not.

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