Many people move to America and Europe in order to find high-paying jobs. Almost everything is already known about these countries. But Dubai is a completely different story. Everyone seems to know that Dubai is about a luxury lifestyle. However, not everyone knows what pitfalls await those wishing to move here.

Which companies are hiring immigrant specialists? What about housing and prices? What cultural aspects do you need to study before booking a plane ticket? How to get legal assistance if you are not a citizen of this country?

What an IT engineer needs to know to move to Dubai

What is happening in the IT market and how can a developer get a job in a company of interest?

For local residents, life in the UAE is a pure pleasure. They see exclusive skyscrapers every day, are able to rent Porsche Dubai, and so on. Here, when a couple decides to legitimize the relationship, the state encourages this by providing the newlyweds with housing, as well as other benefits. In this regard, local residents don’t take part in a competition for a job in a thriving company. Therefore, most of the vacancies are for visitors.

There are a huge number of information technology companies in the emirates. Sometimes local residents open companies in order to invest their money and get a lot of profit at the same time, and sometimes in order to get a certain amount of money for helping to open a company. More often, foreign citizens open their startups here. All due to the fact that the emirates are not yet a tired trope and there is room for the occupation of any sphere.

IT engineer needs to know to move to Dubai

It is also important that in certain areas of the city there are zones that are not taxed and therefore many come here from abroad to open their company here.

However, you should not rush, since everything is not as perfect as it might seem. Even if your company does not pay taxes, the local authorities will still find a way to get money from you. Each help in any business or the use of any services must be paid, and the fee is not cheap.

Dealing with an employment

In general, the process of getting a job and the process of working itself is not very different from other countries. Due to the fact that many foreigners work here, knowledge of English is a must.

A lot of specialists from the Middle East and Asia work in Dubai, but their work is not highly paid. Therefore, when you apply for a job and talk with your superiors about your salary, it is important that you are clearly aware of your strengths and honed skills that will set you apart from other candidates and employees. This is the only way you can interest the employer and get a raise.

What else do you need to know before moving to Dubai?

If you want to get to the top, then there is no way without connections. It is crucial to have good and useful acquaintances with local people. Such a relationship will help you with opening your own company, and if you have any issues with the state or with the local police, it will be difficult without connections.

The security level is very high during the day and in the evening. Certainly, this country also has its own criminal areas, but in general, criminal life does not flourish here.

Legal assistance. It is important to know that in the east, even the most trifling conflicts and problems can end in courts and proceedings. You cannot do without the help of a lawyer.

On the territory of this country, all agreements are drawn up in two languages ​​- English and Arabic. An incorrect translation or misinterpretation of a term can turn into a disaster that will end in either very costly fines or even imprisonment.

Dealing with an employment

For foreigners wishing to move to Dubai, it may be very difficult to deal with conflict resolution due to differences in mentality, religious matters, and in general, due to different environments.

Showing feelings in public or drinking alcoholic beverages can cause very serious problems with the law. Therefore, upon arrival in the country, you must choose a suitable company that would provide you with legal assistance at any time.

Religion. Dubai is the most tolerant of all the emirates in terms of religion. Here, no one will leer at you if you wear a short-sleeved T-shirt or shorts. The locals have no judgments.

There are no problems with alcohol either. If earlier these products could be bought only in hotels or specialized stores, now, due to the fact that the population is multicultural, alcoholic beverages can also be bought in ordinary grocery stores.

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So should developers move there?

It is worth moving to this country if you want to take part in any interesting project and make money. As you will never become one of their own: citizenship cannot be granted there. In general, Dubai is a very comfortable emirate to live in.