Explore Windows Server 2016 with Microsoft 70-741 Exam via Practice Tests and Video Courses

If you are an IT professional who is trying to make the way into the job market, you need to understand the importance of certificates. The IT industry is interested in those individuals who possess a useful set of skills, so every specialist should try to learn as many new skills as possible. There are a few options to do so, and one of them is through the credentials. When you are choosing a certification vendor, you should be smart because each of them offers its own set of advantages. When you talk about the best providers in the world right now, one of the first names that comes to mind is none other than Microsoft.

Explore Windows Server 2016 with Microsoft

Microsoft comes with a slew of different certifications that you can go for right now. One of the most popular and sought-after credentials that it offers is CertBolt : Windows Server 2016. If you want to earn this certificate, you have to take three exams, and namely 70-740, 70-741, 70-742. However, here we will focus only on the second test, which is Microsoft 70-741. You may also like to download Flinto 27.3 for Mac License Key Free Download.

Microsoft 70-741: Details, Topics, Resources

The Microsoft exams can be a little tricky that is why it is important that you gather as much information about them as you possibly can. When it comes to the 70-741 certification test, one of the first things that you need to know is that it consists of around 40 to 60 questions and all of them must be answered within 120 minutes. The exam questions can be of various types, such as drag and drop, multiple choice, hot area, active screen, build list, fill-in-the-blank, and so on. The pass mark is not less than 700 points, so you should make every effort to complete this task. Moreover, you should work on your time management skills. The topics included in Microsoft 70-741 here are as follows:

  • Implement Distributed and Core Network Solutions
  • Implement Domain Name System
  • Implement Advanced Network Infrastructure
  • Implement IPAM and DHCP
  • Implement Network Connectivity here

You should understand that in order to sit for this exam, you have to pay the applicable fee. Microsoft 70-741 costs $165 and is administered by Pearson VUE.

If you want to apply for the job roles such as a network systems administrator and a computer network specialist, you should obtain the Microsoft AZ-400 Dumps: Windows Server 2016 certificate. To earn this associate-level certification, you need to make sure that you ace Microsoft 70-741 with flying colors. To complete this task with ease, you have to use the right resources, for example, video tutorials, study guides, training courses, and practice tests. The last tool is the best assistant for any learner as it is designed to evaluate one’s knowledge before the actual Visit URL.


Earning the Certbolt MS-900 Dumps won’t be easy, but once you pass all three prerequisite exams, your life will change forever. Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the IT field, so if you have any of its credentials with your name on it, it will make you more visible in the job market. The employers prefer to hire the certified specialists for certain positions and that is why every IT professional should pursue a certificate of this vendor.