In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in the need for workflow automation. Modern task automation solutions may save your firm up to 30% of its time on day-to-day operations. As a result, many firms see automation as a critical step in their digital transformation and adopt such tools as Jira Software, Zendesk, Xero, or their alternatives.

How to Tackle Mundane Tasks with Task Automation

So, what exactly is task automation? What kinds of duties can you automate? What project management software has such capabilities? Let’s work this out together.

What Exactly Is Task Automation?

Workflow vs. task automation: are they the same thing? In workflow automation, you construct a rule-based logic to initiate a series of processes that operate without human interaction.

What may it be? Creating business papers, assigning tasks, adding digital signatures to documents, transferring or retrieving data from your company systems, and other similar duties.

Task automation is the use of specialized software to decrease or eliminate the requirement for your staff to execute activities.

What kinds of samples are there? Here are a few examples from everyday life: ATMs, fast food ordering, prescription refills, subscription services, and other similar services are available.

The primary goal of task automation is to employ fewer human resources to do regular and repetitive tasks. Because it makes accomplishing jobs more accessible and more efficient.

When automated, activities are completed and managed by designated team members and have precise objectives, resources, and time constraints.

Furthermore, task automation generally entails adopting software that allows your team to simplify many recurrent processes.

What Are the Key benefits of Task Automation?

Task automation automates everyday tasks and lowers human effort. Aside from that, adopting it will give you a lot.

Cutting Down Operational Expenses

Your company can automate various administrative activities, such as data input or human help. This saves money on the employment process by eliminating locating people for such jobs. Furthermore, task automation enables you to discover and eliminate unnecessary procedures inside your organization.

Enhanced Reliability

Task automation can eliminate human mistakes since it ensures that all tasks are completed flawlessly. Each work necessitates several stages that must be taken to be completed. On the other hand, computer systems may labor indefinitely to complete jobs without mistake.

The team’s potential has been unlocked.

Your organization may employ the most qualified individuals. However, you cannot guarantee they will give their all when regularly working on monotonous tasks. Thanks to task automation, they will devote more time to advanced business objectives. They will apply their talents and knowledge to help your company thrive.

What tasks is your team capable of automating?

Companies have always used task automation software to automate IT processes. This section will quickly demonstrate how you may apply workflow automation to various departments inside your company.

Lead management

Inbound lead management may benefit significantly from task automation. For example, you may offer free bottom-of-the-funnel material to your website visitors. Ebooks, PDF files, films, and other helpful resources are examples of such content.

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As a result, you’ll only acquire these records if people fill out a form and provide you with their emails and other information. On that basis, they get a free copy, and you acquire their contact information.

You may also utilize automation capabilities to save and organize form data in marketing automation or CRM system. For example, this allows you to send all leads directly to your CRM (customer relationship manager). Such straightforward automation eliminates manually entering data into several Excel files.


You should keep an eye out for growing market trends, innovations, and direct and indirect rivals. However, it is costly to devote hours to such painstaking investigation. In this instance, you can use specialized technology, such as Google Alerts, to act as your digital assistant. This program allows you to monitor internet mentions of specific trends and automatically compile them into email messages.

Social networking is another area of marketing where task automation may be beneficial. Today, various technologies allow your staff to pre-schedule updates on your social media pages. Furthermore, such technologies will enable you to simultaneously post the same information across multiple channels. As a result, you do not need to spend hours publishing on various social media networks.

Accounting and finance

Invoice management has the potential to become one of the most automated chores. For example, you can receive reminders before sending bills through email. Furthermore, it can send recurring invoices and track payments.

Task automation is significant for sales tax since human errors may be costly in fines. As a result, you can use particular tools to do your tax responsibilities. For example, such systems may study tax rates based on your location or the products/services you supply and then calculate the amount of tax you must pay.

Human Resource Administration

Using task automation to assess potential applicants may be pretty beneficial. Of course, you will receive many applications for your vacant positions, and assume the candidates provide the essential contact information. The automation technology, such as Paperform, then sends a new form with basic inquiries about their experience and talents. As a result, once the applicants have completed this form, your recruiters will be able to examine their replies and make a choice rapidly.

Furthermore, work automation aids in benefits administration. For example, it might be challenging to track when your employees have qualified for existing perks. However, your HR staff will be notified when their probation time is over with automated alerts.

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Scheduling appointments is often regarded as a time-consuming activity by your personnel. As a result, you and your visitors may struggle to locate a suitable time to hold a meeting. In this instance, a robotic virtual assistant can be used. These technologies can automatically allow your visitors to select a time window for a future meeting.

Email sorting can also benefit from task automation. This is because your staff constantly scans their inboxes for crucial communications and replies to them. Fortunately, you can configure your email provider to automatically sort your emails into suitable categories based on the parameters you put up.

How Do You Find a Task Automation Tool for Your Business?

The top three criteria to consider when selecting a workplace automation solution for your company are listed below.

1. It has to be simple to use.

When you seek to integrate new procedures or systems into your team, you frequently face tremendous pushback. As a result, you must verify that your team members will be able to use a selected automation solution effortlessly. Even so, if you lead a non-technical staff, the tool you use should not necessitate technical knowledge from its users.

2. It must manage the majority of your team’s work.

Of course, it makes little sense to buy different tools to handle all of the specific jobs in your workflow. As a result, you should seek products with functionality for managing more than one automatic assignment. Selecting an email automation service that also handles marketing automation, for example, is a great alternative.

3. The benefits must justify their cost.

It is critical to set a reasonable budget for your workflow automation software. However, this budget must also cover other relevant software, like RPA (Robot Process Automation). Then, make a list of prospective solutions that may be useful to you. This allows you to select the tool that provides the best value based on your budget.

What Are the Most Effective Project Management Tools for 2023?

After learning how to automate an activity, you should recommend some effective product management solutions.

Smartsheet is a dynamic workspace that helps you manage projects, automate operations, and create new IT solutions. In addition, it allows you to customize automatic notifications and requests in various ways. As a result, your team members will receive the necessary alerts at the appropriate moment.

ClickUp allows your staff to automate a variety of mundane tasks. You may use pre-built automation recipes or tweak them to meet your needs. As a result, you will be able to concentrate on more critical activities.

Jira Software assists teams in automating many procedures, saving time, and encouraging individuals to concentrate on the core. Jira, fortunately, includes a “no-code” automation functionality. It implies that anyone can create rules with a few mouse clicks; however, only Global or Project Admins can set automation rules.

Overall, this program makes it simple to monitor each team member’s work and track defects and concerns. Jira Software review marks it famous for its rich functionality. Jira uses Scrum and Kanban boards, sprints, and sophisticated reporting to help agile teams better plan their work and increase collaboration. Furthermore, because of the various integration possibilities and add-ons, Jira is a very scalable solution.

Asana’s builder allows you to define custom rules in seconds. These principles aid in the automation of regular processes, allowing teams to devote more time to strategic work. With Asana, you can guarantee that all team members take the necessary actions and that operations run as planned.

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Wrike’s Automation Engine is regarded as a straightforward solution for minimizing the quantity of repetitive work, and it also expedites the procedure and reduces the possibility of human mistakes. Moreover, Wrike does not require any coding skills to create automation rules using a basic “if…, then…” framework.

Monday is a fundamental and user-friendly Work Operating System that manages projects and procedures. Custom notifications and reminders, automated status changes, board creations, and so on are all part of the automation in this case.

You can alter your project management solution if it does not satisfy your automation needs, and the Project Management Migration service can relocate it for you automatically and straightforwardly. Consider conducting a free Demo to put our Migration Wizard through its paces.

Is Task Automation Necessary?

Task automation is becoming increasingly crucial if used correctly; thus, communication management systems may save your team time. As a result of having this extra time, all team members may concentrate on their primary business duties.

Your organization must consider it crucial to identify the essential jobs to automate right now. Finally, different programs give necessary capabilities for automating various job processes, and their implementation will ensure that everything runs well.